Thread Protector Cleaner

The Thread protector cleaner is an industrial-strength, oilfield-ready, vibratory cleaner that uses abrasive media with solvents to clean pipe from used thread protectors. The extra-large dope settling tank ensures increased circulation pump life and effective cleaning.  The unit has a maintenance-friendly design.

Standard Features

  • Integral industrial-strength vibratory motor.
  • Abrasive media of various shapes and sizes available.
  • Extra Large debris settling tanks.
  • Heavy Duty solvent circulation pump.
  • Molded tub liner for increased life.

Optional Features

  • Pneumatic lid with additional sound damping material.
  • Remote monitoring.

Building and Service Requirements

230/480v, 3ph, 50/60 Hz, Others by request

Work area as per layout drawing 30100.117
Customer responsible for all service terminations & building modifications
Signed installation agreement, if applicable

Thread Protector Cleaning Machine Brochure.PDF