Automated Drill Pipe Cleaning Equipment

R&R Manufacturing’s Drill Pipe Cleaning Equipment provides inside and outside diameter cleaning for an array of tubular sizes and types with high production in mind. This equipment has been designed to be durable, user-friendly, and to require minimum maintenance.

All of R&R Manufacturing’s products, from custom automation systems to our different drill pipe cleaning machines, are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our design team can provide a solution to any automation or drill pipe cleaning challenge helping you ensure the safety and efficiency of your operation.

tubular cleaning solutions

Oilfield Pipe Cleaning Solutions

Our line of drill pipe cleaning equipment is available in 3 different models: Base drill pipe cleaner, HD industrial tube cleaning machine, and our SuperMax high pressure pipe cleaning equipment. Call our team of experienced oil field equipment specialists for help choosing the right model for you needs. Whether you are using a dry or wet cleaning method; you are cleaning drill pipe or tubing/casing, we have the tubular cleaning machine for your exact needs.

Choosing the Right Drill Pipe Cleaning Machine

Choosing the right pipe cleaning machine for your needs depends on the cleaning method you intend to use as well as the type and size of the pipe you are cleaning.  The Table below can be used as a guideline for selecting the right model for your needs. You can also contact us to discuss your application and we can help guide your decision.

R and R Manufacturing Drill Pipe Cleaning Equipment Sizes