Stinger ID Internal Pipe Cleaning Tool

The STINGER is the newest innovation from R&R Manufacturing. This patent-pending tool is the quietest tool on the market at preparing the ID of OCTG products for inspection.

Up to a 300% decrease in sound level compared to the conventional ID cleaners.
  • The STINGER’s operating dBA averages at 83 putting the noise level below the OSHA recommended 8-hour exposure level of 90 dBA. Conventional methods range from 115 dBA to 119 dBA putting the approximate OSHA recommend exposure level without PPE to less than 2 hours.
​The STINGER does not have rotating parts.
  • There is no need for a motor or lubrication. By not rotating it reduces the risk of damaging box threads during the cleaning process. No rotation also makes the tool inherently safer.
The STINGER will save on cost due to the design of the body.
  • There is only ONE size body for each tubing size. Simply change the blades to fit the appropriate ID.
  • The STINGER’s body is constructed of high-grade stainless steel extending the life of the tool.
  • The blades are manufactured from a work hardening steel making them long-lasting.
​The STINGER will fit on ANY existing Cleaning Unit with an air lance.
  • The STINGER has been designed with rear-facing air jets ensuring the last thing in the pipe is air.