Automation Equipment Repairs & Maintenance Plans

Why Choose a Maintenance Plan

By ensuring your machine is operating correctly, it will run more efficiently. Many times we find machines being operated with something minor broken and it causes something else to fail, therefore causing a minor fix to potentially be a repair costing thousands of dollars. This will also save you downtime.

Training the operator on how to properly adjust and operate the machine will also save on repair cost.

All parts sold meet or exceed OEM quality.

Monthly Inspection Includes:

  • Verify all air regulators are set to the proper pressure and adjust as needed.
  • Verify the Hydraulic Pressure is set correctly and adjust as needed.
  • Check all lubricators to ensure they have the proper amount of oil in them, and top off any low levels.
  • Check the oil level in the Power Supply.
  • Check the oil quality in the unit to ensure it’s not past its life cycle.
  • Check all the filters to ensure they are operating correctly.
  • Check the unit for hydraulic leaks, cracks, and loss of insulation on hoses.
  • Inspect all motors to ensure they are operating correctly.
  • Inspect all cylinders to ensure proper operation.
  • Check the tension on the belt conveyor.
  • Inspect the alignment of the unit to ensure there have been no changes.
  • Inspect all wear items (e.g. wheels, brushes, wear pads, etc…) for excessive wear.
  • Check the adjustments of all lance supports and wheels.
  • Check dust collection systems for proper operation.
  • Inspect all valves for proper operation.
  • Train any personnel on the operation and adjustments of the equipment.
  • Grease all bearings.