SuperMax Tubular Cleaning Unit: High Pressure Pipe Cleaning

R&R Manufacturing’s SuperMax Tubular Cleaning Unit is designed for high-pressure water blasting drill pipe, including heavyweight pipe, as well as large diameter casing. Our top-of-the-line pipe cleaning machine, the SuperMax is an excellent machine for cleaning drill pipe ranging from 2 3/8” to 6 5/8” and tubing/casing from 2 3/8” to 20” using dry or wet cleaning methods.

Unlike the Base and HD models, this SuperMax high-pressure pipe cleaning equipment has cleaning heads that traverse rather than the pipe traversing across the unit. The Supermax model is also equipped with heavy-duty bearings for increased durability.

What is also optimal about the SuperMax Tubular Cleaning Unit is that once the cleaning process is complete then the pipe is ready for inspection without any manual post-processing work. The pipe rotates on heavy-duty wheel assemblies with spherical roller bearings designed for high impact and vibration while the two OD cleaning brush assemblies travel parallel along the pipe eliminating any pipe slippage. The R&R Manufacturing Supermax Model also features the same hydraulic motors and load sensing hydraulic pump as the flyer.

Features That Make Our High-Pressure Pipe Cleaning Equipment Stand Out From The Rest

  • The load sensing hydraulic pump only uses the necessary power required to run equipment which reduces energy costs and lowers operating temperatures.
  • The load-independent directional valves always maintain constant pressure and flow regardless of other functions performed which ensures power is directed only as required.
  • The two OD cleaning brushes perform cleanings quicker and more efficiently to get the pipe ready for inspection faster. The brush is easily adjustable via a hydraulic cylinder which eliminates time-consuming, manual adjustments.
  • The Brush Shaft and Shoulder Bolts are designed with wrench flats for easy maintenance. Their thread design and orientation reduce contamination and thread galling.
  • Our patent-pending lance supports come standard on all of our cleaning units but can be retrofitted to any pipe cleaning machine.
  • The remote operator panel gives the operator a panoramic view of the machine which increases efficiency and safety.

Standard Features

  • Pipe rotates in place at adjustable RPM while cleaning heads travel linearly along pipe. Eliminating pipe slippage with wet/muddy pipe, therefore, increasing efficiency and production.
  • Two-wire brush assemblies for tubular outside diameter, Qty 14, 2” Wide 10” diameter wire brushes.
  • Pneumatic brush assembly floating system to handle dimensional variations.
  • Inside diameter cleaning via a rigid pipe to accommodate rattling motor or high-pressure water attachments.
  • 50 HP electric-powered hydraulic system to efficiently perform all pipe handling operations.
  • Left or Right tubular loading setup.
  • Operator and maintenance-friendly electric control pedestal positioned up to 10’ away for maximum safety.
  • SuperMax R&R Manufacturing
  • supermax-drill-pipe-cleaning-machine
  • supermax-drill-pipe-cleaning-machine

Optional Features

  • Enclosures to reduce sound levels below 85db and contain dust and debris.
  • Dust and debris collection system with filtered exhaust. Dust is forced across cartridge style filter elements virtually eliminating any airborne particles.
  • Bag house filtration system.
  • Outside diameter extreme scale and rust removal system.
  • Range 3 tubular capacity.
  • Water blasting accessory package to accept up to 40,000 psi water blasting system. Systems with 20,000 psi water attachments do not require any pre or post-unit cleaning. Tubular goods are inspection ready upon unloading.
  • Flexible hose ID cleaning attachment reducing footprint.

Building and Service Requirements

230/480v, 3ph, 50/60 Hz, Others by request

110 psi @ 175 cfm (ID Rattling)
110 psi @ 45 cfm (Non-ID Rattling)

Work area as per layout drawing 10901.20
Customer responsible for all service terminations & building modifications
Signed installation agreement, if applicable