Pup Joint Cleaning Machine

Standard Features

  • The pipe rotates in place at adjustable RPM while cleaning heads travel linearly along the pipe at 0-100 feet per minute.
  • Eliminating pipe slippage with wet/muddy pipe therefore increasing efficiency and production.
  • Cleans pipe from 3’ OAL to 15’ OAL and OD from 2-3/8” to 10-3/4” OD.
  • Wire brush assemblies for tubular outside diameter with tubular stabilizing cones.
  • Pneumatic brush assembly floating system to handle dimensional variations.
  • Inside diameter cleaning via a rigid pipe to accommodate rattling motor or high-pressure water attachments.
  • 40 HP electric-powered hydraulic system to efficiently perform all pipe handling operations.
  • Left or Right tubular loading setup.
  • Operator and maintenance-friendly electric control pedestal positioned up to 25’ away for maximum safety.

Optional Features

  • Outside diameter extreme scale and rust removal system.
  • Water blasting accessory package to accept up to 40,000 psi water blasting system. Systems with 20,000psi water attachments do not require any pre or post-unit cleaning. Tubular goods are inspection ready upon unloading.
Pup Joint Cleaning Machine Pupjoint Cleaning machine

Building and Service Requirements

230/480v, 3ph, 50/60 Hz, Others by request

110 psi @ 175 cfm (ID Rattling)
110 psi @ 45 cfm (Non-ID Rattling)

Work area as per layout drawing 10500.117
Customer responsible for all service terminations & building modifications
Signed installation agreement, if applicable


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